Partner Program Guide

Grow your business with EnterpriseDB


Welcome! You’ll be partnering with a software vendor with over a decade of channel partnering experience.  We know what it means to support and team with partners to drive customer success!

EnterpriseDB’s Partner Program is explained in three documents:

   1. The Partner Program Guide.

The Partner Program Guide (this “Guide”) is relevant to all partner types.  This Guide provides the high level justification for including EnterpriseDB in your product portfolio.  This is the value proposition to partners and their clients.  Additional in-person and onsite training on the value of EnterpriseDB in your portfolio, is available to support your team.  The Guide also provides the program overview, general partner program requirements, and instructions on how to apply and sign up as an EnterpriseDB Partner.

    2. The Partner Agreement.

The Partner Agreement details the license grant, obligations of the parties, confidentiality, and commercial terms for all partner types.  This is a standard agreement with generally accepted standard terms that we have streamlined to make it easy for the parties to conclude.

    3. The Partner Addendum.

The Partner Addendum is specific to partner type.  Currently EnterpriseDB offers 7 Partner Addendums as listed below. Partners can be eligible for more than one addendum.

     I.       VAR - Value Added Reseller
     II.      Distributor
     III.     MSP - Managed Services Provider
     IV.     ISV - Independent Software Vendor (for embedded software application and embedded device vendors)
     V.      SI – Systems Integrator
     VI.    ASL – Application Specific License
     VII.   VSA – Verified Software Add-On (for providing training, consultancy and/or delivery services)
     VIII.  Referral

The Addendum specifies business terms between the Partner and EnterpriseDB.

Let me introduce you to the EnterpriseDB Partner Program Guide.  This Program Guide provides:

  • Why choose to become an EnterpriseDB Partner
  • Partner Program Overview
  • Partner Program General Benefits & Requirements
  • Instructions on How to Apply and Become an Official EDB Partner

Special Section for VAR, Distributor, and MSP Partners: Partner Levels, Benefits, and Requirements.


You’re reading this because you can see that open source products and solutions are now mainstream and are in high demand with your customers.  EnterpriseDB is the world’s leading provider of support and services for the only enterprise-class open source relational database project – PostgreSQL. This makes us the logical choice for partners who want to leverage a low cost, enterprise-class, open source RDBMS in their portfolio. 

The Partner Program offered by EnterpriseDB is the key to a successful relationship between you, your market, and EnterpriseDB. The core element of the EDB go-to-market growth plan is our partners, and by using this guide, you and your EnterpriseDB teams can work together to achieve mutual success. 

There is a clear transformation in the software market, where open source technologies are optimizing the IT stack.  Components in the lower part of the stack—Operating Systems, Hypervisors, Database, and Middleware, provide stability, scale, and reliability to the enterprise applications they support.  These technologies are mature.  In general, the rate of change in these stack components is very low, and there is a plethora of information and expertise readily available in the market.  This is the commodity portion of the IT stack.  The high value transformation in the market today, migrates customers away from high cost proprietary vendor offerings that persist in this commodity portion of the stack, to stable, scalable, and reliable open source technologies.  IT and the LOB reclaim millions of dollars in free cash flow in the process, which is re-invested in upper stack technologies that overlay systems of engagement on existing applications, and provide true brand differentiation that protects and builds market share. 

This transformation of the IT stack is a repeatable pattern leveraged by EnterpriseDB clients.  But our clients require a robust Partner ecosystem to take full advantage of the opportunities created by the transformation, and to do so safely, and with quality and timely execution.

Partnering with EnterpriseDB enables you to provide your customers with a low cost, enterprise-class, open source RDBMS alternative, including services, training, and support, at a reduced cost.  A major benefit to EnterpriseDB partners and clients is that the Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS) is database compatible with Oracle, running native PL\SQL.  Large Enterprise customers and Global Systems integrators are migrating 100’s of applications to PPAS, and substantially lowering their investment in traditional, proprietary database vendors. As detailed above, the savings is re-directed to making client systems more engaging with the market, and delivering increased market share. 

EnterpriseDB’s intention is not to flood local and regional markets with partners simply to gain geographical coverage. Our partner recruitment strategy remains focused on quality over quantity! Our aim is to recruit partners who are well aligned with our products and have considerable product, market, and geographic expertise.

EnterpriseDB is 100% committed to continuously innovate and improve our offerings and to provide enterprise-class products that deliver more flexibility at a lower cost of ownership than the alternatives.

We fully appreciate that partnering with a software vendor can represent a sizeable investment, which is why the EnterpriseDB Partner Program has incentive packages designed to help you start selling faster.


EnterpriseDB’s Partner Program is designed to provide you with the resources you need to grow your business and develop your open source practice with us. This program will give you access to material that will help build a relationship with EnterpriseDB at business and technical levels.  You will find the tools to help you develop your knowledge of EnterpriseDB’s products and enable you with the required skills to sell and support them.  Need to find product information or marketing collateral? It‘s available. Want to have sales or technical training? Okay. Want to focus on selling and delivering your own professional services? Not a problem.


During the application process, Partners will review the Partner Agreement and the Addendum containing the specific terms and conditions unique to each type of partner.  To conclude the Partnership, Partners will need to agree and sign these documents.  Partners may apply for more than one partner type, as their business requires.

All products and services are available for the partner to resell or deliver on behalf of EDB, subject to satisfaction of the relevant certification criteria and completion of the addenda.


As a Partner you will be given access to training resources as well as marketing support from your distributor and/or EnterpriseDB, which will provide you with the building blocks to start developing and growing your EnterpriseDB business. VAR, Distributor, and MSP Partners should also refer to the last section of this document, ‘Special Section for VAR, Distributor, and MSP Partners: Partner Levels, Benefits, & Requirements’.


General Benefits will vary by partner type. Please refer to your specific partner type addendum.

Marketing Materials

Partners will have access to the latest material published by EnterpriseDB regarding its products, services and training material for your sales teams. This includes data sheets for products and services, white papers, videos, EnterpriseDB press releases, etc.

Partner Newsletter

A Partner Newsletter is targeted for 2016. Major announcements in between issues will be available in the partner portal.

Partner Portal

The EnterpriseDB Partner Portal is in the pre-planning stages and not available as of this writing.  EnterpriseDB has not announced a target date for availability.  Membership in the program will give you access to the partner portal, once it is available. What will be visible to you in the Partner Portal is dependent on your status and partnership level.

The partner portal will be an online content library and partnership management tool. It will hold all the information you will need to make succeeding with EnterpriseDB easy; it will be your primary source of information for all things EnterpriseDB. Here you will find marketing material, the latest news and press releases, ordering guidelines, technical support, collateral, sales tools and webinars. It is also the tool where you administer your relationship status, including applying for higher levels, success story submission, and much more. On top of these great benefits EnterpriseDB may from time to time assign leads via the portal or in other ways, which you can manage, convert to opportunity, and protect deals you are working on.  Until the portal is available, continue to meet with your relationship manager to ensure you can access this content and leverage opportunities for us to work together.

Visibility on EnterpriseDB Partner Finder

As an EnterpriseDB partner you will be listed on our website partner page, searchable by geography, so potential customers can easily find you when searching for a partner in their area.

PR for Success Stories

As a partner you can submit your success stories and case studies via the partner portal, and EnterpriseDB will consider them for promotion. Successful submissions will be made visible through various press channels regionally and globally, if appropriate.


As a Partner we are keen to ensure that you have the technical support to help you win deals, provide successful implementations, provide support and maintain customers – these benefits are here to help you.

Technical Resource Library 

This is the area within the partner portal that allows you to research for answers to technical product questions.

Not for Resale Products   

You will be granted access to EnterpriseDB products for evaluation, demonstration and promotional purposes. These should be used internally to help you gain a better understanding of the products, and they can also be used to demo or develop proofs of concept for potential customers. The EnterpriseDB products may not be used in any production environment, and failure to comply will result in termination of the Addendum and Agreement.

Access to EnterpriseDB Sales Engineer (SE)

There will be regional Sales Engineers available to help answer your technical questions. This benefit is made available to partners that qualify for direct touch support.  Partners can also receive direct technical help through our distribution network.

Discount on Professional Services

Partners are eligible to receive a special pre-set price for professional services resources for your internal IT use only (not for customers).


The Partner training benefits offered by EnterpriseDB allow you to obtain a sufficient level of technical knowledge to demonstrate, sell and deploy EnterpriseDB products.

Live Virtual Training

Access to live online training will be granted via your partner account manager, sales director or regional leader based on your status and availability. This is a series of online courses that provide in-depth knowledge and detail about our products. Partners will receive a discount subject to partner status.

Online On-Demand Training

Access to the on-demand, pre-recorded, self-paced courses will be available via the partner portal. Your partner type will dictate how many complimentary seats in courses you are entitled to per year, beyond which partners receive a discount on additional seats.

Technical and Sales Webinars

EnterpriseDB partners will be kept updated via regularly scheduled webinars. Webinars will cover product launches, updates or general refresher information. These webinars are designed exclusively for EnterpriseDB partners.


Marketing Campaigns

The partner portal will eventually provide access to pre-built marketing campaigns. Each campaign will be partner friendly and will give you the ability to add your logo and localize.  For example, we run a variety of public webinar sessions in which we will package the material, the invitation, and the recording, so you can replicate and deliver to your audience.

Joint Marketing

Joint marketing is available based on plans submitted by partners and approved by EnterpriseDB. Joint marketing provides you with access to speakers and general marketing support from your local EnterpriseDB marketing contact.

Partner Program Logo

All partners will be provided with a special EnterpriseDB logo that can be used to highlight their EnterpriseDB relationship status.  The logo can and should be used on the partner website, business cards and EnterpriseDB marketing campaigns.


Direct Access to EnterpriseDB Account Managers

Partners will have access to local representatives to coordinate efforts on key accounts, and to gather support to close the large deals.

Deal Protection

Deals registered in the partner portal will have priority when being quoted, and may receive discount at the sole discretion of EnterpriseDB. 


Please refer to the relevant addenda for specific requirements to become an EnterpriseDB Partner and what is required to maintain partner status. 


As an EnterpriseDB Partner you must work to maintain your status annually – depending on partnership type. The minimum revenue and/or certification requirements are outlined in the addenda.

Revenue Targets

You will use your best efforts to achieve the revenue target (net revenue to EnterpriseDB) shown in the Addendum during the first year of each applicable partner level; this may not be relevant in the case of professional service partners.

Product Manager

To be classified as a certified product manager, a partner employee must complete and pass the EnterpriseDB online sales training course to support the Partner’s ability to articulate the value proposition and create marketing to partner’s customer base.

Business Manager

To be classified as Business manager, a partner employee must complete and pass the EnterpriseDB online sales training course, take ownership of EnterpriseDB’s portfolio, be the lead contact for EnterpriseDB and ensure that Partner requirements are fully met within the timelines described within this document.

Technical Resource Trained & Certified

Within ninety (90) days of the effective date of the Addendum, you will ensure that the number of your employees subject to partner status, complete the PPAS Essentials training course (either OnDemand/self-paced, or instructor-led live interactive online), and pass the PPAS Associate Certification exam. Thereafter, you will also ensure that the designated number of your employees maintains this certification during the term of the Addendum.

Sales Staff Trained

Within ninety (90) days of the effective date of the Addendum, you will ensure that your technical sales staff receives pre-sales technical enablement training from EnterpriseDB.  Live remote training is delivered one (1) time at no cost to you by EnterpriseDB. If you would rather receive on-site sales and technical enablement training, then you agree to pay the travel expenses of an EnterpriseDB employee to deliver the training.

Level 1 and Level 2 Support Training

If you will provide Level 1 and Level 2 Support to your End Users as specified in the Addendum, within ninety (90) days of the effective date of the Addendum, you will ensure that the designated number of your employees has completed the PPAS Administration, instructor-led, live interactive online course, and has passed the PPAS Professional Certification exam. Thereafter, you will ensure that the designated number of employees specified above maintains this certification throughout your partnership with EnterpriseDB.

Forecast, Business and Marketing Plan

The plans will be developed in coordination with your EnterpriseDB Partner and/or Relationship managers. Each business plan will have actions that can be measured and reported, that will help to drive the growth of EnterpriseDB business in your territory.

Each business plan will be written based on SMART objectives – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time bound. Please reach out to your account manager to discuss in more depth what is expected from each plan.

The partner’s executive sponsor and the EnterpriseDB regional contact will also approve the plan.

Forecasts will be submitted according to the frequencies listed in the Addendum.

Partner Led Marketing Activity

As a partner you are expected to define and execute your own focused marketing activity.  The purpose of the activity should have a focus on demand generation.

Participation in EnterpriseDB Led Marketing

EnterpriseDB will via the portal or otherwise, provide marketing campaigns to the channel to execute in their particular region.

Partner Program Agreement

Each Partner must enter into the Agreement and Addendum with EnterpriseDB and agree to the terms and conditions of the program. Upon application you will be automatically provided with the Addendum that must be signed and returned in order to continue the process. The Addendum will incorporate the terms of the Agreement by reference.



In order to become an EnterpriseDB Partner you must apply. The first step is easy, follow this Partner Inquiry link, which will ask you for some basic information – you will then be called by an EnterpriseDB team member to provide answers to your questions. During the call, we will talk through the qualification criteria, assess skillsets, and determine applicable partner types and associated addenda.

You will be provided with the Addendum once specific terms are agreed to.  The addendum must be signed by an authorized company signatory and returned. As noted above, that Addendum will incorporate the terms of the Agreement.


EnterpriseDB reserves the right to update, change and amend the Partner Program and this Guide at any time, with or without notice.


Each partner in the program is only a member for a one-year period with an automatic renewal function.

Membership renewal will be based on your yearly performance and a business review with your account manager.


The EnterpriseDB Partner Program is a new program at EnterpriseDB.  Some of the elements outlined in this Partner Program Guide will not be available at launch – EnterpriseDB will ensure that you are provided all the information as to what is, and what is not available to you at time of registering your interest to become an EnterpriseDB Partner. EnterpriseDB has not announced the timing for the EnterpriseDB Partner Portal.  The Partner Portal will be a key part of the Partner Program in the future. In the interim, Partners should work closely with their relationship manager.


The following section only applies to VAR, Distributor, and MSP Partners.  The purpose of this section is to provide a high level overview of EnterpriseDB’s multi-tier program for these Partner types, including requirements and benefits.  Specific details are available in the applicable Partner Addendum.

Partners may purchase directly from EnterpriseDB or from one of our distributors depending on geography, eligibility and EnterpriseDB.  Where a distributor is involved, the distributor provides the discount percentage on EnterpriseDB products and services in alignment with the partner’s signed addendum and agreed tier level.

The Partner Program is a multi-tier program that offers many financial and non-financial rewards to dedicated partners. As a partner in the program our obligations to you are clear; as your commitment grows, the program benefits increase to develop the partnership further.

The partner tiers that make up the Partner Program are well defined and offer varying levels of reward and benefit. Once your application to become a Partner is approved and the Partner Program Addendum (the “Addendum”) is signed with EnterpriseDB, you will be admitted in to the program as a Silver Partner unless you meet the requirements for a higher partner level. This automatically gives you a large assortment of benefits including access to the EnterpriseDB partner portal. As an EnterpriseDB Partner you will also receive marketing, sales and training benefits specifically designed to help you with the marketing and selling of EnterpriseDB products and services.

To progress to Platinum Partner you will achieve certain levels of competency and be in a position to reach various commercial targets. Your ambition to move up will reward you with extra tools and benefits only available to Gold Partners.


The EnterpriseDB Partner Program currently has multiple tiers available depending on the type of partnership, and each with its own unique benefits and tools.


Partner Tier



The Silver level is the introductory partner level in the program. As a Silver Partner you will receive information and support to help you develop your EnterpriseDB sales and technical competencies. You will have access to a basic level of tools, software and support.


The Gold level is reserved for EnterpriseDB’s increasingly competent and advancing partnerships. As a Gold Partner, you have access to an advanced set of benefits including, but not limited to, greater access to the portal, increased number of on demand courses, marketing and sales support, in addition to some EnterpriseDB sales support


The Platinum level is reserved for EnterpriseDB’s elite Partners with outstanding levels of competency. As a Platinum Partner, you have access to an advanced set of benefits including, but not limited to, greater access to the portal, increased number of on demand courses, marketing and sales support as well as a local contact point.


On-site SE Engagements

Regional availability applies – EnterpriseDB will use its discretion and provide an alternative solution if an SE is not available in the requested region/country.

Depending on your Partner Tier, you will have access to an SE, for a designated number of engagements per year, and thereafter needs will be assessed case by case. The support must be requested via your account manager at least 40 days in advance. The scope of support is essential, without a valid scope of work EnterpriseDB has the right to withdraw the SE.

This benefit has a maximum duration of 2 days per engagement and only includes the following scenarios:

  • Support with Proofs-of-Concept assessment and scoping
  • Supporting your sales and pre-sales team in customer engagements on NEW products, should not be longer than 9 months post general availability date.
  • Technical Workshop - Technical knowledge transfer and hands on sessions with EnterpriseDB products

If the customer requires longer-term onsite assistance, that customer (or partner) may purchase EnterpriseDB professional services at the reseller discount provided to you by your EnterpriseDB authorized distributor (or by EnterpriseDB if you source directly from EnterpriseDB).


This is a key benefit of the EnterpriseDB Reseller Partner Program. You will receive access to marketing campaigns and presentation material that you can customize to highlight the effectiveness of your partnership with EnterpriseDB.

Program Member Certificate and Plaque

Partners will be eligible for a certificate to display and promote our partnership. The certificate will show that you are a certified partner and have the knowledge and the ability to sell EnterpriseDB products.

Lead Allocation

Reseller Partners may from time to time be provided with marketing qualified leads from EnterpriseDB. Leads may be allocated through the partner portal or in other ways and must be reported on by the partner – rules of the lead allocation will be supplied. Failure to comply with the lead reporting rules will remove the partner from the lead allocation element of the program. 


Direct Sales Order Fulfillment

In regions where EnterpriseDB has a direct sales presence, there may be cases when the reseller partner will be used for fulfillment purposes only. When this is the case Gold and Platinum Partners shall be given priority and a pre-set margin as per the program will be given for providing the fulfillment service.

Program Discounts

Partners are eligible for incremental discounts on products and services provided in alignment with the partner status.

1.         Notwithstanding any contrary provision in this Guide: (a) where the sale to the End User is primarily driven by EnterpriseDB, discounts for the Subscriptions and Services resold to such End User will be agreed by EnterpriseDB and Partner in advance in writing; and (b) in any event, on a case-by-case basis the parties may negotiate discounts that are different from those described in the Addendum above. In addition, EnterpriseDB will be reimbursed for travel and living expenses incurred by EnterpriseDB personnel in providing the Services to End Users. 

2.         Distributor Sourcing Option. Notwithstanding any contrary provision in this Guide above or the Addendum, if the Distributor Sourcing Option is selected and you have no contract in place with EnterpriseDB, you will receive a discount to be determined by your authorized EnterpriseDB distributor off of the List Price for Subscriptions and Services resold to End Users. 

3.         Federal Procurement. In the event you desire to resell Subscriptions or Services to U.S. or Canada government agencies, notwithstanding any contrary provision in this Guide or the Addendum, EnterpriseDB at its sole discretion will inform you on a case by case basis of: (1) quoted prices, which may vary relative to the List Prices, (2) the applicable discounts, which may vary relative to the discounts stated in this Guide, and (3) whether Partner must obtain such Subscriptions and Services from EnterpriseDB directly or from an authorized, specified distributor of EnterpriseDB. In addition, EnterpriseDB will be reimbursed for travel and living expenses incurred by EnterpriseDB personnel in providing the Services.

4.         Registered Deals. As an EDB Partner you are entitled to an additional discount off the List Price for approved registered deals for Subscriptions and Services for End Users. EnterpriseDB at its sole discretion will approve or decline your proposed submissions to EnterpriseDB for registered deals. In the event that such proposed registered deals are already being worked on by the EnterpriseDB sales team, or have already been registered by another EnterpriseDB partner, they will not be approved by EnterpriseDB. Deal registration applies only to a single End User project, not to all current or future projects with the entire End User or for any other projects. Partner’s proposed registered deals must include all information required by EnterpriseDB, and if approved are subject to EnterpriseDB's then-current time limits during which Partner must close the deal and place an order with EnterpriseDB, in order for Partner to receive additional discounts for Subscriptions and Services based on the tier of the partner described in the tables above at the time of placing the purchase order.

5.         Territory. Notwithstanding any contrary provision in this Guide, the Addendum or the Agreement, with respect to End Users whose principal place of business is in Mexico, you will obtain Subscriptions and Services from an authorized EnterpriseDB distributor, and such distributor will provide you with the applicable discounts, which may vary relative to the discounts stated in the Addendum.

Deal Size Discounts

Additional discounts may be offered for large deals on a case by case basis.

Specific Achievement Discounts

Additional discounts may be offered for specific achievements such as a certain number of webinars in a quarter or certain currency translations.