Our containers deploy the EDB Postgres Platform in Red Hat OpenShift, orchestrated by Kubernetes, with tools for backup and recovery, high availability, and read scaling.



Run in public or private clouds.



Reduce system-level overhead.



Orchestrate applications at scale.


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The EnterpriseDB Difference

Support for Popular Container Technologies

While the containers can be deployed as standalone Docker containers without orchestration, the EDB approach uses Kubernetes as the key way of integrating. This provides a consistent approach for deploying in cloud environments supporting Kubernetes like Red Hat OpenShift. 

Supported Growth

Many of our clients start with simple applications and plan to move to more complex systems over time. We work closely with our customers to share best practices for how to effectively leverage containers to successfully go from big monolithic applications to microservices.


Straightforward Container Packaging

The EDB Postgres solution is delivered as three containers: 


1. High Availability Data Management Container

This container includes EDB Postgres Advanced Server along with EDB Postgres Failover Manager (EFM). It is configured with Kubernetes in an autopilot pattern where the container self-monitors and proper set up can be verified. Users can also spin up several replicas of a master container so if the master fails, one of the replicas can take over automatically.


2. Read Scaling Container 

This container delivers query routing and connection pooling using pgPool. The benefit of the pgPool container is read scaling, which acts as a load balancer, a router, and a workload management tool. It sits in front of the other containers but can be scaled independently of the database.


3. Disaster Recovery Container

EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery Tool (BART) is a container that can backup databases in multiple different containers, enabling BART to oversee multiple deployments.

















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  • Container type: Docker

  • Supported EDB Postgres Versions: 9.6, 10, EFM 3.0, pgPool 3.5, BART 2.0 

  • Operating Systems: CentOS 6,7; RHEL 6,7

  • Red Hat OpenShift 3.6; Kubernetes 1.6; Docker 12.1

  • Orchestration via: Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift

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